Our Board

Bruce Manefield FAICD – Chair

bmprofilepicBruce brings to the Gunawirra Board over 20 years of governance experience. He has served on a range of commercial and ‘for-purpose’ boards. His interest in the social and economic value of early intervention programs developed during his 13 years on the Board of KU Children’s Services, six of which he was the Chair.

Bruce is a keen proponent of the work of Prof. James Heckman and the ‘Heckman Equation’, which enumerates the economic value of early intervention programs.

Bruce has held a number of senior executive positions across a range of industry sectors including technology/online, early education and the services sector.



Ursula Kim – Director 

Ursula Kim

I’m a local Kamarloi woman from the Northern Tableland. My passion is working with Aboriginal children. I have worked in the Early Childhood sector for 28 years and the last 5 years have been appointed the Director in my town at the local Aboriginal Preschool, which caters for 3-5 year old.

My goal is to make sure our children have a good start in Education and give them every opportunity to be successful in what ever they do in the future. I also want to help and support parents to be involved in their child’s early years so that our children can be confident and proud/strong people. Gunawirra approached me to be a part of their team and this gives me the opportunity to keep helping our children in a different aspect.

Graham Toomey – Director

attachment-1I am an Australian Aboriginal man from the Wiradjuri and Wongaibon Aboriginal nations of Western NSW. I work for Gunawirra as their Senior Cultural Manager and Artist.

What I bring to Gunawirra is my Australian Aboriginal culture, my knowledge and skills along with my life experience as being an Australian Aboriginal person. I consider my role as guiding, educating and assisting Gunawirra’s professional clinical staff, students and volunteers with understanding my culture and people. I’m involved with many of Gunawirra’s amazing programs and I also manage and facilitate the program I designed called the, ‘Journey to Learning’ program.

Another role I enjoy greatly is engaging with other Aboriginal people, their families, communities and organisations throughout Sydney and NSW as they seek support from the Gunawirra. I cherish my role at Gunawirra immensely and value the work, care, passion and commitment that everyone provides at Gunawirra.



The Gunawirra Board also wishes to thank the following people for their services to Gunawirra: Chris Commens (former Chair), Carol Flanagan, Paul Davis, Margaret Hetherton, Fiona Beith, Anne Gorman, Phil Costa, Charles Handmer, Gail Hilton, Jeff Nelson, Ian Hansen, David Ward and Arthur Tateossian.