Our 3 Year Strategic Plan

Gunawirra’s strategic direction is grounded in the following considerations:

  • Good nurturing in pregnancy and early childhood is critical preparation for a future adult life;
  • Helping Aboriginal parents deal with their own trauma is critical for them to develop better parenting skills;
  • Professionally designing unique, innovative and transformational programs – small models of excellence that are fully evaluated –  will allow Gunawirra’s work to be replicated in widening circles of effectiveness;
  • Helping Aboriginal professionals and preschool teachers deal with the trauma in their own lives markedly enhances their personal and professional effectiveness with children in their care.

We have developed 5 strategic goals for the next 3 years. Three of them are build on Gunawirra’s signature programs the “ Five Big Ideas ” and the “Young Aboriginal Mothers Program ”. The other two goals are around our sustainability and our governance and management systems.

Our strategic goals are: 

1.    Develop Gunawirra’s signature program the Five Big Ideas for preschools

The objective is the full implementation of our Five Big Ideas in 25 preschools in outback isolated areas of NSW. That is 2,000 children, 700 parents and 250 teachers.

2.    Wider roll out of our Young Aboriginal Mothers Program (YAMP)

Through our early intervention service for Aboriginal women from pregnancy through to their child starting school we aim to reach 40 -50 families by 2017, with a complete evaluation of the program and a wider roll out.  There are two groups on two days in Rozelle.

3.    Advocate, educate and disseminate our learning and programs

Gunawirra will be well recognised as a specialist professional resource for Aboriginal preschool children, particularly in the area of Trauma and emotional development. Gunawirra’s work will be replicated in widening circles.

4.    To build a funding model to achieve our strategies in a sustainable way

Gunawirra will have demonstrably sustainable funding for its current and planned development. By 2017 we will double total income and expand our sources of income.

5.    Gunawirra will build the infrastructure and governance systems to be sustainable

Gunawirra will have demonstrably sustainable organisation with excellent governance and management systems and capacity for growth.

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