Our Vision

Gunawirra’s vision is an Australia which deeply respects Aboriginal culture and history, where:

  • Aboriginal parents and their children are nurtured and provided with emotional support to empower them to assume their full and rightful place in Australian society.
  • Aboriginal people experience equality, respect and quality of life
  • Wrongs perpetrated are acknowledged, not the issue of who did what to whom, but what can we do to redress this for our future.
  • Mothers and infants are given a “fair go” so that they can do a better job with their children than their parents did with them.
  • Aboriginal people of many cultures may find again their spiritual core and cultural base in a way that gives them pride.

At Gunawirra, we see our role as Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals, working together, side-by-side, to fundamentally improve the lives of Aboriginal families and their children from 0-5.

        To achieve this, we aim to develop programs to:

  • Promote the best possible development for Aboriginal children  0-5 years
  • Empower Aboriginal parents to intervene in their own lives, breaking the cycle of suffering caused by loss of culture, family, community and country.
  • In the preschools where Gunawirra works the High Scope Method involving the development of children through the experiences of creative representation, language and literacy, initiative and social relations, movement, music, numbers, space and time; and the Reggio Emilia method involving the development of children, through character building, development of communication skills, self-restraint, self-discipline and ethical behavior through its five big ideas relating to health and Hygiene, Nutrition, dealing with Trauma at home, Identity and self-respect and our country our environment are integral to all that we do.

We are committed to creating small models of excellence generated from the ground up, grounded in the best of  child development and psychoanalytic theory especially about effective  response to trauma and neglect.

We are committed to developing models which are highly researched, analysed, validated and capable of being widely disseminated to enhance their effectiveness for Aboriginal families.