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National Close the Gap Day, 10am-12noon Friday, 18 March, 2016

We invite you to join us for a couple of hours to learn more about and reflect on health issues and concerns being raised by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health professionals in relation to the Close the Gap Report For 2015 and priorities set for 2016.


Graham Toomey (Aboriginal Artist)
Welcome to Country
Speaking as an artist

Short video prepared by OXFAM for Closing the Gap National Day
Health issues in Aboriginal communities

Norma Tracey (Founder of Gunawirra)
How one organisation (Gunnawirra) is trying to meet the challenges in Aboriginal Health, especially in relation to children.

A cuppa will be provided! Invite others you think might be interested

Please RSVP by 16th March to Ruth Crowe 9955 6350 or 0408291429

Where: The Grail Centre
22 McHatton Street

A Gathering on Aboriginal Culture and the Effects of Trauma, our next seminar in the Trauma series

More information on the next seminar will follow soon. You can also contact Cate Osborn for more information on the following number 02  98 10 23 12.

A Gathering on Aboriginal Culture and the Effects of Trauma, Friday 4th December 2015, 4th seminar

You are invited to attend the next in our series of seminars on culture and trauma.

Colonization, even “peaceful” colonization, is inherently traumatic. It represents a cultural, social and psychological rupture of meaning and identity.

Following on from Graham Toomey’s presentation on First Contact at our October seminar, Cate Osborn will give a short presentation on some of the impacts and consequences of this trauma that Aboriginal families are facing today. We will follow this with small group discussion.

When: Friday the 4th of December, 2pm – 3.30pm

Where: Redfern Community Centre 29 Hugo St Redfern

A Gathering on Aboriginal Culture and the Effects of Trauma, Friday 23th October 2015, 3th seminar

The Aboriginal people of Australia lived in a highly developed and rich culture for more than 50,000 years, the oldest living culture on the planet. With the arrival of the British colonists, came the dispossession of land, the loss of culture, the forced removal of children, family disintegration and trauma for Aboriginal people. The families we work with still hear the echoes of this trauma and loss today.

How can we understand the impact of colonization and how can we use this understanding to inform our work and to build stronger and more meaningful connections with Aboriginal families?

Gunawirra warmly invites you to the next in a series of seminars on Trauma and Culture.

Graham Toomey, Gunawirra’s Resident Artist and Cultural Advisor will give a presentation entitled First Contact, where he will offer insights into the life and culture of Aboriginal people and the impact of colonization. Following this, Cate Osborn will chair a discussion where we will begin to explore what this legacy of loss means for Aboriginal people today.

WHEN: Friday the 23rd of October, from 2pm-3.30pm.

WHERE: Redfern Community Centre. 29-53 Hugo St. Redfern

A Gathering on Aboriginal Culture and the Effects of Trauma, Friday 18th September 2015, 2nd seminar

Gunawirra, sponsored by the City of Sydney, invites you to the 2nd Culture and Trauma Seminar on Friday 18th September in the Redfern Community Centre at 2.00pm till 3.30pm.

This seminar is part of the seminar series Culture and Trauma, sponsored by the City of Sydney.

Cate Osborn will chair the discussions, which are an opportunity for Agencies to talk and discuss reaching out and understanding Aboriginal families.

As decided at the last seminar, Graham Toomey, our Aboriginal cultural expert and artist will give a talk and Cate will lead a discussion on:

1. Understanding a culture that predates our own: that lives within Australian Society as an integral part of it . What does respect for an Aboriginal person look like?

2. Building Bridges where there are no Bridges. How do we reach across generations of mistrust on both sides to form a true working reconciliation alliance? How do we on both sides overcome prejudices and obstructions? We include and invite some narratives on what has worked and how we can learn and support each other in this difficult task.

All are welcome. Afternoon Tea will be provided

Venue: Redfern Community Centre, 29–53 Hugo Street, Redfern NSW 2016

St Josephs Workshop and Gunawirra invites you to an Aboriginal Cultural Information Day

Date: 4 September 2015, 10 am for morning tea followed by guest speakers and light lunch

Venue: St Joseph’s Workshop, 18 Dignity Crescent West Gosford.

email: [email protected]

phone: 02 43239013 (8am-12 noon Monday to Friday)


– Graham Toomey: on Aboriginal culture and the meaning of Aboriginal art

–  Brendan Kieren: Aboriginal storyteller and didjeridoo player

– Joy Krahe (CEO of Gunawirra): on the workshop’s involvement in designing and creating educational items for preschools, allowing aboriginal children to advance and assume their rightful place in the Australian society

A Gathering on Aboriginal Culture and the effects of Trauma – Friday 14th August 2015, 2 – 4 pm, 1st seminar

Gunawirra invites you to attend a gathering to share our understanding of Aboriginal culture and how we work in healing our traumatised first peoples of this Country.

Gunawirra thanks the City of Sydney for sponsoring this great monthly event.

A scrumptious afternoon tea will be provided

Date: Friday 14th August 2015

Time: 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Place: Redfern Community centre, 29–53 Hugo Street, Redfern NSW 2016

Cate Osborne, [email protected]

Phone: 0298102312

Book Launch V1

 Seminar and Book Launch of “Transgenerational Trauma and the Aboriginal Preschool Child – Healing through Intervention”   13th March, 2015

Venue: DLA Piper, Level 24, 1 Martin Place, Sydney

This is a full day seminar on healing trauma for Aboriginal children aged 3 to 5 years, as discussed in the book.

This is our first book, written on Gunawirra work.  It is also a first psychoanalytically informed book on working with Aboriginal preschool children and is the outcome of years of thought and work by us professionals, psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic therapists. Please join us for a wonderful afternoon. Our book will be launched by Professor Marie Bashir and Dr Anne Marie Swan President of NSWIPP.

IMG_0665Apology Day

Date              : 25th February 2015

Venue           : Poet’s Corner, Redfern

The day started with a Didjeridoo performance by Gunawirra’s Brendan Kerin. Brendan played the Didjeridoo about animal songs I.e. the dingo, emu, dog and kookaburra followed by a story, again on the Didjeridoo about three kangaroos. Next was traditional dance. The children were taught the emu and kangaroo dances to which they performed. Traditional face painting was also a part of the traditional dance where the children had their face painted with ochre. Artefacts were also on show where the children got a hands on experience with a Coolamon, boomerangs, a shield and a kangaroo skin.

The second part of the event was facilitated by Graham which was focusing on Aboriginal Art. Graham showed the children wooden stencils featuring native Australian animals. The children were then shown how to trace around the animal stencils and then were encouraged to colour their drawings in with paint. Graham also encouraged the children to sit in a circle where he taught them to say  ‘hello’ in the local ‘Gadigal’ language while tapping on Aboriginal clap sticks.

The children were then encouraged to participate in creating a collaborative art piece created by the themselves. By using paint in spray bottles the children were encouraged to put their hands on canvas while Graham sprayed their hand print. The children had so much fun with watching their hands being sprayed onto the canvas that many returned again and again to respray their hands. Graham spoke to the children about their hands symbolising who they are, their hands symbolise their ‘Identity’ and for those who were Aboriginal this was something to be proud of.

Lunch was then served by Joy, Erika and Christine. The service of lunch was very well timed and organised. There was no waiting and more than enough. The ladies did a wonderful job in preparing for the event.

A special thank you must go to Joy who has for weeks worked tirelessly on organising this event. Joy helped on the day with setting up, serving lunch and cleaning up and the day would not have worked as well if it wasn’t for her.

This day was not only a day to celebrate the ‘Apology Day’ but also to connect with Aboriginal Culture through Music, Songs, Dance, Language and Art.

Salut Baroq Flyer Concert Final Image

Event: Salut! Baroque A Gunawirra Night
Date: Wednesday, 26th November 2014 at  7.30pm
Place: Verbrugghen Hall, Conservatorium of Music, Sydney

Salut! Baroque is one of Australia’s most dynamic early music ensembles, bringing together Australia’s finest baroque musicians in a chamber orchestra of up to twelve members. Formed in 1995 and led by artistic directors Sally Melhuish and Tim Blomfield, the ensemble performs annual subscription series concerts in Canberra and Sydney.

Salut Baroque will be performing their program “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Fundraiser dinner in november OHO dinnerEvent : Harts Yard Fundraising Dinner

Date: Tuesday November 11 at 6:30 PM – 11:00PM

“Tending the Yard” is a Harts yard initiated fundraiser and the team is thrilled to have the opportunity to support One Health Organization’s Gunawirra project based in Redfern.

Located in Newtown, Hartsyard opened 2.5 years ago and is a one-hatted restaurant owned and operated by husband and wife team Gregory Llewellyn and Naomi Hart.

Hartsyard have put together a wonderful evening of excellent food, wine and entertainment , as a fundraiser for Gunawirra

Gunawirra Invitation

Event : Gunawirra New Premises launch 

Date :  Thursday 20th NOVEMBER 2014

We would like to extend a warm invitation to join us at the Launch of our New Gunawirra House at Rozelle.

This belong to our Young Aboriginal Mothers Group and their new born babies and toddlers. We have created a warm and welcoming space for these Young Mothers to enjoy their relationship with little ones as well as meeting other Young Mothers – this establishes a feeling of belonging and not isolation. These young Aboriginal Mothers have parenting sessions and support in dealing with their own childhood and often present traumas, nutrition and how to cook for their family, art & indigenous culture as well as lots of other activities.

Event  : AbABF Dinner invitationoriginal Benefit Foundation Gala Dinner and Art Auction

Date : Thursday 11 September 2014.

“ The Aboriginal Foundation Dinner was a great success – over 150 guests attended this wonderful Gala Dinner and Art Auction.
Beautifully presented Artworks from many Indigenous Artists were Auctioned through a Live Auction and silent Auction on the night”

Part of the proceeds from this Fundraising Art Auction will be donated to Gunawirra, a non-profit organization  based in Redfern aiming for fundamental improvement in the life of Aboriginal families, their infants and children.

IMG_1841IMG_1843ABF Dinner Night

Caring Seminar

 Event :  A Time for Caring Seminar

 Date : 21 & 22 August 2014

Over 51 Preschool staff attended for Gunawirra Seminar held at DLA Piper on 21 & 22 August 2014 . Norma Tracey and a few board members from Gunawirra attended for Seminar guests also included International guest speakers who presented at seminar such as Marilyn Charles, Ionas Sapountzis , Michael O’Loughlin and Ingo Lambrecht also present was our wonderful artist Graham Toomey. Shiri Hergass presented our ”Five Big Ideas” program at the seminar. Our beautiful artwork that was created at the seminar “ Caring” – everyone participated in this wonderful painting, all adding their own personal touch.

 Shiri FIveideasSeminar CaringCaring Seminar