Founder Emeritus

‘Aunty’ Norma Tracey

Our Founder, Norma Tracey, was appointed to the role ‘Founder Emeritus‘ at Gunawirra’s AGM in December 2016 by a unanimous vote of the members.

At that meeting, Gunawirra’s Senior Cultural Advisor & Board Director, Graham Toomey, also honoured Norma with the title of ‘Aunty’ in recognition of her efforts in improving the lives of Indigenous Australians.

Norma founded Gunawirra in 2008 in a Karawee Karawee in North Sydney.  This gathering of Aboriginal representatives and elders from around NSW, as well as 22 professionals from psychiatry, psychology, social work and psychoanalytic therapy, agreed to collaborate on how to prevent and reduce harm to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island children, their families and their communities.

Norma’s efforts in founding and developing Gunawirra have demonstrated the best leadership qualities that most great leaders aspire to:- vision, passion, drive, persistence & empathy.

Norma’s persistence and drive is exemplified by her amazing efforts in raising funds every year for Gunawirra. Her success in obtaining philanthropic donations year after year from our generous donors is legendary!

Norma’s passion & leadership have led Gunawirra to where it is today:- recogonised as a world-class trauma therapy service provider, based on well researched & evidence based clinical practice, repairing trauma in Indigenous mothers and children.

All of us at Gunawirra are inspired by Norma. We have all committed to her vision of ensuring that Gunawirra expands its efforts to stop the cycle of transgenerational abuse through the specialised, culturally-aware trauma therapy developed by Norma and the dedicated team of professionals that she has built to support this aim.

Norma is a member of the Australian Association of Social Work (MAASW) and had been a member of the New South Wales Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (NSWIPP) for 31 years before retiring from that organization. Apart from her private practice of 25 years, she has worked especially with Aboriginal mothers and infants over the last twelve years.

Norma is the author of three books, several booklets and some 30 nationally and internationally published papers.