All our efforts could not occur without the generosity of those individuals and organisations who contribute the funding which allows our work to occur. As our programs have evolved and grown, so have the costs, notwithstanding the extensive contribution of unpaid work by professional staff and volunteers.

Gunawirra sets out to target areas not just of greatest need, but also with the history of least success from so many previous efforts by well-intentioned organisations.

Those who supported us financially in designing and establishing programs that really do succeed were backing what would be seen in commercial terms as a “risky venture”. We are so pleased to now be in a position to say that their decision was in fact wise, and that the dividends are now accruing to prove this.

Gunawirra funding relies almost solely on donations from the public, foundations and charitable organisations. It has virtually no Government funding. Our hope is to develop a sustainable source of funding to enable us to continue with our important work.

Thank you all for your support.