Our workers are Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal working side by side. Our board is also Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal.

All our workers are practicing psychotherapists, family therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, massage specialists, community organisational specialists, art therapists and music & dance therapists. All are especially trained and sensitive to all cultures.  Many work in other clinics, hospitals or therapeutic settings; many are in private practice.

All have years of experience in their field of expertise — many have worked over many years at the Royal Prince Hospital Aboriginal Maternity Unit and/or the Children’s Hospital Camperdown. We continue to consult with the Aboriginal experts in DET, early education and health, sometimes on a weekly basis.

Additionally, we work in tandem with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals from the childcare, health and education sectors — all of whom are given continuing professional training to help deliver Gunawirra’s programs.

Here you can find an overview of our team.


Contracted Workers

Graham Toomey, CEO/Executive Director,  Aboriginal cultural advisor and artist

Norma Tracey, Founder Emeritus, designer and supervisor with her professional  colleagues of Gunawirra programs and is main funding seeker at this point in time.

Cate Osborn,  Clinical Director, Social worker and Psychoanalytic therapist

Donna Jacobs, Psychologist and psychotherapist (Tuesday Mothers Group)

Katherine Keyzer, Art therapist

Julia Sideris, Art therapist

Sharini Samarakoon, Director of Operations, Art therapist

Denise Lynch, Research and Policies


Supervisor Consultants

Louise Gyler, Senior Consultant, supervisor to YAMP (Young Aboriginal Mother’s Project), Psychoanalyst

Jeff Eaton, Supervisor on Child Psychotherapy. Senior Consultant to 2 books published by Rowman and Littlefield, Child psychoanalyst

Ingo Lambrecht, Supervisor on all Gunawirra psychoanalytic structures and especially in professionals care for professionals. Author of chapter in book. Psychoanalyst

Marilyn Charles, Supervisor and senior Consultant to Gunawirra. Speaker at Seminar 2014 and visiting speaker at Seminar 2013. Senior consultant to books 1 and 2. Psychoanalyst

Michael O’Loughlin, Yearly visiting and lecturing from USA. Contributor to books. Several chapters of Gunawirra work in his books and publications. Psychoanalyst

Ionas Sapountzis, Yearly visiting and lecturing from USA. Contributor to our books


Volunteer’s specialists

Nathan Wratten, Submissions

Vicky Todd,  Seminar, Management Consultant

Gillian Burrows, YAMP

K. Hunt, Country

Melanie Houlahan, Graphic designer

Ruth Crowe, Student assistant

Atziri Patino, Finance/Admin Officer

Dorothy Chan, Finance/Admin Officer

Carie Trepkow, Rameet Kaur and Shashwati Pandey, Support volunteers