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Caring Seminar 2014 Pictures

Caring SeminarSeminar CaringShiri FIveideas

Over 51 Preschool staff attended for Gunawirra Seminar held at DLA Piper on 21 & 22 August 2014 . Norma Tracey and a few board members from Gunawirra attended for Seminar guests also included international guest speakers who presented at seminar such as Marilyn Charles, Ionas Sapountzis , Michael O’Loughlin and Ingo Lambrecht also present was our wonderful artist Graham Toomey. Shiri Hergass presented our ”Five Big Ideas” program at the seminar. Our beautiful artwork that was created at the seminar “ Caring” – everyone participated in this wonderful painting, all adding their own personal touch. For mor Seminar 2014 Pictures Please check out our Facebook Page:


Five Big Ideas Program Pictures


Gunawirra supports Aboriginal and partly aboriginal preschools in NSW through our Five Big Ideas Program. It’s set up to ‘close the gap’ and improve the mental and physical wellbeing of Indigenous children across NSW. It is designed to suit Australia Aboriginal culture and taps into the traditional idea of little children being healers and self-care and community care.  Here are some pictures of how Gunawirra supports preschools.

gardenparentshelpin preschool

Gardens to grow bush tucker, vegetables and fruit trees.


Providing breakfasts


paintboy bushtucker

Water tanks to maintain and sustain preschool gardens.


Young Aboriginal Mothers Program (YAMP)

DSC_0382IMGP02172011-11-03 23.45.07DSC_02452011-11-03 23.45.55


Graham Toomey Artwork

homelandsDreamworld Graham ToomeyDreaming Warriors Graham Toomeyoinnawaan connection  acrylic on linen  60cmX 60cm  $900special place modgraham toomey homelands