Our Programs

Gunawirra designs unique, innovative and transformational programs to empower young Aboriginal parents with children aged 0 to 5 years to intervene early in their children’s lives, breaking the life cycle of trauma caused by loss of country, community, culture and family.

Gunawirra’s signature programs are the “ Five Big Ideas ” and the “Young Aboriginal Mothers Groups ”. These are practical, grass roots programs that impart living skills in a supportive environment.

All Gunawirra’s programs are designed by a team of top level, experienced professionals to create models of excellence, which are subjected to rigorous evaluation by independent researchers and then disseminated at no cost. Gunawirra also has working relationships with various faculties at four Sydney universities.  For example, Professor Jane Usher of the University of Western Sydney has been commissioned to formally review the effectiveness of the Five Big Ideas program.

Gunawirra works at the interface of health and education in Aboriginal community member preschools across NSW and at Rozelle in Sydney. Gunawirra has developed long term relationships with these preschools. We tailor our programs to their particular needs and they are the key to the distribution of the Five Big Ideas program.

In addition a number of NSW Aboriginal preschools have been granted access to Gunawirra through our website initiative Tracking the Milky Way. We would expect to rollout the programs to these preschools in due course.

Self-help, professional support, intense research and evaluation together with wide distribution form the basis of all Gunawirra work.