Strong Males in Preschool – Gunawirra-supported Special Program

At Kindamindi Preschool we have a high number of Indigenous children.  Our service is the main preschool, which Indigenous families utilize. We note the lack of strong male role models in their family and home life.  We believe that holistically these children need the foundations of a strong male influence in their life and that the effects of having a male role model will be positive and ongoing through their life.

We acknowledge studies that suggest for each dollar spent in early childhood from $7.00 to $14.00 dollars can be saved later on in life.  Studies show having positive influences on children may limit negative behaviour. We look towards the bigger picture for the children of our community.  We want to provide them with the best start to be productive members of our community and have the self-regulation and social awareness they will need to do so.

We believe that time is of the essence here. That the earlier we can educate our children and provide strong male role models, the earlier we can educate our families, the better the outcomes will be not only for our children but for the whole community.


To provide the program Strong Males in Preschool.

To have an Indigenous male staff member that will work not only with the children in our centre but also with the families and be pro active in the goal of educating the community.

To train an Indigenous male with early childhood qualifications to support the children and families of the community.

Factors we are concerned about in our community:

Lack of male parental figure. Lack of regard for social rules and expectations.  Increased number of Indigenous children that are having difficulties in the school system.  The alarming rate of drug and alcohol abuse in the Indigenous community.

What can we do?

Kindamindi Preschool is an advocate for Indigenous children and families.  We believe that children are the cornerstones of our future community.  We believe that children have the right to the best possible start regardless of socio economic status, family type, culture or any other factor.

This project provides the employment of a male Aboriginal sports teacher to create a physical education program and provide a strong male role model for the Aboriginal children in the Inverell preschool. Inverell is a community that is suffering from a tragic lack of positive Aboriginal male role models. This work of this teacher has already dramatically enriched the curriculum and the personal pride of the children.