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Building cultural awareness through creativity, imagination and fun

The ‘Journey to Learning’ program aims to provide knowledge and understanding for children and educators into Australia’s ‘First Peoples’ and their ancient culture. The program consists of the Culture Box and training that we offer to pre schools and primary schools for their children and educators. The components of the program may be purchased individually or in combination, or tailored into a program that meets the school’s needs.

 The program provides Pre- and Primary School children a sound introduction to Aboriginal culture.

Journey to Learning Program

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Culture Box 

  • 1 Training & Activity Booklet
  • 10 Story Blocks
  • 8 Wooden Animal Totem Stencils
  • 2 Aboriginal Message Sticks – (1 painted & 1 unpainted)
  • 2 Aboriginal Boomerangs – (1painted & 1 unpainted)
  • 2 Sets of Clap Sticks – (1 set painted & 1 set unpainted)
  • 1 container of Ochre
  • 2 Dreamtime Stories with 4 colouring pages

Hand made in NSW from recycled materials 

$500 (+ GST)

 Culture Program

A 2-hour session run by Gunawirra’s Cultural and Art Director, Graham Toomey that uses the childrens’ imagination to travel back in time and explore:

  • Dreamtime stories
  • Traditional tools and how they were used (boomerangs, clap sticks, shield)
  • Connection and belonging to the land and how Aboriginal people survived and lived on the land
  • Totems and the importance of Indigenous spirituality

Run during school hours, for children in groups of around 30 children. Educators are welcome to attend and learn how to use the culture box in their own classes.

$500 (+ GST)

 Educator Session

Intended for educators who are unable to attend the Culture Program session, this 30-minute session can be appended before a morning Culture Program session or after an afternoon Culture Program session and is run outside of school hours.

Provides an explanation of the kit and how to use it.

$100 (+ GST)

All the kits have been designed by Graham Toomey who is a Wiradjuri and Wongaibon Australian Aboriginal man from Western NSW. The kits are therefore an authentic Australian Aboriginal product which has been designed to be respectful and culturally appropriate.

Visit Graham’s website for more information.


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It became evident that many educators did not know what to teach the children in regards to Australian Aboriginal culture. Many simply had no knowledge of the culture and many were apprehensive because they did not know what they could teach the children.

– Graham Toomey

Teaching children about Australian Aboriginal Culture

After traveling around the NSW pre-school centres that Gunawirra supports, Graham realized that practical tools and guides could be used by educators all over Australia to facilitate learning about Indigenous society and culture

The kit is now being produced by the St Joseph’s Work Shop, a Men’s Shed on the Central Coast of NSW and shipped around the country to educators and children so that they can start learning and connecting to their own culture.

Graham presenting to adults

Cultural Awareness Training 

The cultural awareness training is intended for older children and adults who lack knowledge and understanding about Aboriginal Australia and its people. These two-hour sessions provide knowledge on Aboriginal history, traditional culture, practices and lifestyle, spirituality, art and about Aboriginal people today. These sessions are also an opportunity for participants to ask those sensitive cultural questions that may arise in a work or community environment.

$500 (+ GST)

We envision an Australia that deeply respects Aboriginal culture and history. It is an Australia in which Aboriginal people experience equality and respect and their children grow to their full and rightful place in Australian society as resilient, empowered adults having the kind of early childhood which allows them to develop to their full potential.

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To enquire about the Journey to learning program 

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