For Preschools


The value of preschools as a place of Healing

Gunawirra coordinated a study incorporating over 80 interviews with Indigenous children, their parents and their teachers. Our geographic focus was regional NSW.

What resulted from this study was the deep understanding of the value of pre-school as a place of healing, of comfort, and a place where children were unthreatened and could recover their imagination and capacity to play.

We also learnt how important it was to include Aboriginal culture, the Dreaming, Family and Elders, and Indigenous Art and Storytelling in all that we do – so that the treatment of trauma is holistic and effective.


Supporting preschools

Gunawirra supports each preschool by providing seminars, training programs, supporting booklets and power point presentations, five 3 minute puppet programs, cost of equipment and community days, gardens, first-aid kits and access to Gunawirra worker at all times.

Our main program for the preschools is the Five Big Five Ideas. It was developed to complement existing pre-schools programs, with an understanding of the unique challenges associated with living in communities. It also includes culture and art of our Aboriginal people in all that we do.

Gunawirra is disseminating the Five Big Ideas Program through its affiliated pre-schools at no cost to the school. In addition we provide Program training for the pre-school teachers through workshops, service weekends, booklets, and resources together with ongoing support.



Our Five Big Ideas Program for preschools

Our Five Big Ideas Program will help to “Close the Gap” and improve the mental and physical wellbeing of Indigenous people across Australia.  It is designed to suit Australian Aboriginal culture. The Program taps into the traditional idea of little children being their own healers. Self- care and community care are deeply embedded in Australian Indigenous culture and life.

This is a core focus of Gunawirra’s work – to be at the interface of health and education within disadvantaged young Aboriginal families, and to do everything possible to ensure that Aboriginal children have every opportunity to lead happy, healthy and safe lives.

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