Gunawirra promotes the prevention of suicide and self-harm.

Gunawirra has created a network of six psychiatrists (some are family psychiatrists and many are women, all will work for the medical rebate only so there is no cost to the people they see) who will see as soon as possible any person we consider to be at risk of self harm or harm to others, seriously depressed or endangered in any way. Gunawirra will pay all fares to and from the psychiatrist and country areas may also refer, with accommodation provided by Gunawirra. Gunawirra will provide professional and volunteer staff to drive or transport to specialist psychiatric services. Several country centres are included. Reports are then sent back to local resources for serious follow up.
 One of our specialists has worked with Aboriginal people to do with petrol sniffing, suicidal depression and psychosis with suicidal ideation. She is totally committed to working in Gunawirra and we have a team  of psychiatrists and local mental health workers.This is a very important program as one of the biggest problems is being able to get a quick psychiatric referral for what is often a seriously distressed person.
Norma Tracey is making a special study of Aboriginal suicide and is writing the first psychoanalytically informed paper on her findings from an internal world emotional spectrum rather than only a cultural one. This is submitted for presentation at the Psychotherapy World Congress in Darling Harbour. The paper on Trans-generational trauma and its leading to self harm is also submitted.
Gunawirra is also running a seminar program (on site) for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals. This is a public education program for professionals to arouse them to the problems of harm and the means of protection from harm in their Aboriginal communities and the causes and treatment of such problems.  Up to 50 professionals working with Aboriginal people come to our seminars.

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