Transgenerational Trauma and the Aboriginal Preschool Child, Healing through Intervention. Edited by Norma Tracey


Many professional people, Psychoanalytic therapists and Psychoanalysts have put years of thought and work into the writing around Gunawirra’s work. It is the first Psychoanalytically informed book on working with Aboriginal preschool children. We welcome your purchase and interest and all proceeds go to Gunawirra’s country work in over 30 preschools with Aboriginal children.

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Five Big Ideas (PDF)

Gunawirra Mothers  cook book. Special thanks to DLA Piper and The Sisters of Mercy for this booklet. Please contact us.

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Research reports on the work of Gunawirra

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Art Therapy Program for Aboriginal Children (Aged 4-7 Years old). Final Report by Project Coordinator Denise Lynch. BSW (UNSW), MCrim (USYD), Faculty of Education and Social Work (Honorary). University of Sydney

The Five Big Ideas Program Evaluation. An examination of the process and efficacy of an early intervention program for Aboriginal pre-school children, from the perspective of key stakeholders: teachers and program developers.  January 2016, Report submitted to Gunawirra by Professor Janette Perz, Professor Jane M Ussher, Professor Kerry H Robinson, Dr Chloe Parton, Dr Christine Metusela, Dr Kate Churruca, Lorelle Metusela. Centre for Health Research, School of Medicine Western Sydney. Please download the report: Evaluation Report of Five Big Ideas_Final

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Norma Tracey was N. Porteous until 1973

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