All Gunawirra’s programs are designed by a team of top level, experienced professionals to create models of excellence, which are subjected to rigorous evaluation by independent researchers and then disseminated at no cost. Gunawirra has working relationships with various faculties at four Sydney universities.

Evaluation of our Five Big Ideas Program

Currently Gunawirra has invited researchers in the University of Western Sydney (UWS), Centre for Health Research, Department of Medicine, to collaborate in a series of research projects, funded initially by a research contract. You can find the research result in Evaluation Report of Five Big Ideas_Final

We expect that this review will help produce well-grounded, accessible materials to implement programs more widely and enable publication in journals, conferences and seminars both in here Australia and worldwide.


Evaluation of our Art Therapy Program

Denise Lynch, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Social Work and Policy Studies Program at the Faculty of Education and Social Work,University of Sydney has evaluated our Art Therapy program with Aboriginal preschool kids. For more information on this evaluation program please contact Norma Tracey at Gunawirra or download Final Report.