Assessment, Short and Long Term Family Therapy Program

Gunawirra professional workers have sought to set up and develop an assessment process together with a short and long term therapy program.

This therapy program originated from the Young Aboriginal Mothers Group (YAMP) but the need to extend the therapy to other preschool children was very high. At the present there is no clinic of this sort specialising in Aboriginal children either in preschool or school age.

The Therapy program is at the very centre of all Gunawirra work and much time and energy is given to this area both in work, in supervision and research as it is from this that we learn the nature of work with our young Aboriginal families.

Therapy program

  • It is now well established that therapy with children is more effective if children’s families are part of the plan. It is not easy to access families in difficulties and be accepted by them.
  • This long term work would be seen, supervised and documented and researched as a working model for seeing Aboriginal families in our centre,
  • focusing on the intergenerational trauma’s impact and healing process when working with young children and their families, together with school involvement.
  • A clinic for preschool children and their parents from infancy to age five begins with referral from a hospital antenatal care or a preschool or a school.
  • Assessment will be carried out by a social worker, a child psychologist or therapist, a parent family and a caseworker with reports from teachers or community workers included.
  • Plan of action is designed in consultation with all.
  • Short term or long term therapy may be chosen by parents and teachers and therapists as a plan.
  • Caseworker will regularly check to see how therapeutic work is progressing.
  • Supervision is important for every worker, and an adult and a child supervisor will be appointed to facilitate the work.
  • Transport provided by Connect: Inner West Community Transport Group
  • This will include therapy for teachers and preschool teachers who are in need of special support in their work.

This program was designed in consultation with professionals in the USA, Sydney and with our own professional staff. Gunawirra’s clinic is a safe and culturally appropriate workplace and all our therapists and supervisors have regular cultural training and supervision

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