Tracking the Milky Way


Any preschool teacher of Aboriginal children can join this free website to find bright, new educational ideas to use in their preschool and to find support in their professional role.

The website has programs grounded in art, music, drama, dance, culture, dreamtime stories, school gardens, community days, friendly puppet videos and special care packs of toys, educational equipment, books and other free resources.

We aim to make early learning for little children stimulating, interesting, interactive, fun filled and supportive of Aboriginal identity using the Reggio-Emillia model. The interface between learning and healing trauma is  also central.

We aim to help teachers in isolated locations by providing educative and emotional support. Teachers have told us that when they are supported, they in turn can give more to the children, especially those who have experienced disadvantage or trauma.

As a resource for Aboriginal children and to reduce teachers’ isolation, many people have worked together over the last five years to build our Milky Way. They include Aboriginal elders and cultural advisors, preschool teachers, social workers, child or family therapists, early childhood professionals, video makers and artists.  In particular, Preschools of Werris Creek, Kempsey, Quirindi, Inverell, Gunnedah, Tingha, Little Yuin and Kootingal have tested and retested the ideas in association with the workers of Gunawirra, Radford College, and Bankstown TAFE. They know that the ideas work!

To join the Milky Way Click here. It’s free and so are the resources.


Our Supporters

We thank all those who have worked for the site especially its funders :The Trust Company, St. George Bank, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, Frank Leyland, Tot ed, Mac and Judith Taplin Fund .

A big Thank You also to donors of free toys at Christmas time, especially ST Vincent’s Hospital Mission and the Commonwealth Bank, the volunteer educational toy makers from St Joseph’s West Gosford, Booktopia for Scholastic books and the creative people behind the Gunawirra Puppets and the Good Hearts. Your generous support has made this web site possible.


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