Gunawirra Story

In Aboriginal mythology Gunawirra means the invisible seed of all creation.

Gunawirra is a not-for-profit PBI organisation made up of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals and specialists working side by side for Aboriginal young women, men and their  children from the ages of 0 to 5.

The Aboriginal people are fundamental to the Australian nation. They provide us with rich gifts of an ancient spiritual culture with links to the earth and country.  Their power to survive is born out of a remarkable resilience through an interwoven sense of community that defies all efforts to destroy it.  We  know that a space to grow with a mother freed from anxiety is the best and most nurturing place for any child of any culture or race to develop and that secure attachment and bonding is the essential core from which later adult health is born.

In a spirit of empathic understanding and reconciliation, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals from Gunawirra, each supporting the other, work in companionship and harmony seeking a better and fuller life for Aboriginal and other marginalised peoples in Australia.

The primary role of Gunawirra is the design of unique, innovative and transformational programs. These models of excellence are fully evaluated to empower young Aboriginal parents with children aged 0-5 years to intervene in their own lives, breaking the life cycle of suffering caused by loss of country, community, culture and family.

We work

  • In targeted areas of Sydney inner and outer suburbs Gunawirra provides highly specialised programs that have the immediate purposes of prevention and early intervention for the protection of the infant, child and family unit.
  • Gunawirra creates projects, programs, booklets across NSW preschools It provides training, consultation and emotional support to Aboriginal and non aboriginal preschool teachers and workers in Aboriginal community Areas.