Help connect Aboriginal kids to their unique culture!

Aboriginal culture is made up of complex, interconnected systems based on respect, responsibility and reciprocity. Traditionally, this knowledge is passed down repeatedly in many different ways by different people in a child’s life.

For Aboriginal children who haven’t had access to traditional knowledge and ways of doing things, this learning is vital. Knowledge helps Aboriginal children and adults to assert their own identity and feel connected and proud of their spiritual core and cultural base.

Many of the Aboriginal children who are a part of our programs come from mixed families. Gunawirra helps to connect or re-connect their mothers to culture in order to help them raise strong black deadly kids, who are proud of their culture and identity.

The Women’s Business program is designed to build the mothers confidence and skill in sharing with their children about their ancestral culture, in a way that is appropriate and relevant to their current context.

Meet our Cultural Advisors

Joanne Selfe

Elder and Master Grass Weaver

A cultural practitioner, a holder of sky knowledge, and master grass weaver, Aunty Joanne Selfe uses the cultural practice of weaving to share her understanding of complex Aboriginal knowledge systems.

Drew Roberts

Arakwal/Bundjalung Cultural Advisor

Drew shares knowledge on how to grow and care for native plants and the traditional collection and use of bush food in connection to songlines. He shares knowledge with the mums on the plants that grow in Gunawirra house and surrounding suburbs.

Eve White

Wiradjuri Cultural Advisor

Eve uses art, story, meditation, yoga, healing circles and dance to connect, heal and learn deeper layers of self and the world around us. We learn how connecting to Country means caring for our bodies, the earth, and the spirit.

Katrina Ikonomou

Dharug Cultural Advisor

Katrina is the Clinical Manager and Social Worker for Gunawirra mothers, sharing extensive knowledge with her lived experience as a Dharug woman.

Graham Toomey

Wiradjuri/Wongaibon Cultural Advisor

Graham facilitates learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture by traveling to NSW schools with practical guides for educators.

Brendan Kerin

Marrawarra/Barkindji Cultural Advisor

Brendan holds extensive knowledge on dreamtime stories, Aboriginal music and the practice of making and using Aboriginal tools and boomerang.

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